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Responsible parenting key to safe campuses

The report states that at best school safety and security in America's schools in inconsistent, and they place much of the blame on " emotionally immature parenting."

These parents are detached from their children academically and developmentally, the report states.

"Early discipline failures are a primary casual factor in the development of conduct problems. Harsh discipline, low supervision, lack of parental involvement all add to the development of aggressive children," researchers stated.

Local educators agree, saying that irresponsible parenting is a common thread they find within the majority of their problem students.

"Many parents have simply stopped parenting. Their maturity level is about the same as their teens. Another problem comes from single parents who suffer from guilt," Hanson said.

By defending poor behavior and not being responsible parents, they are doing their children a disservice, Hanson said.

"Nine times out of 10 when there's a child with a major discipline issue, I have the parents coming to tell me it's the school's fault," said teacher Kelly Hanson. "They accept no responsibility and their children are the ones that give us the most problems."

She said the problems don't go away and oftentimes escalate.

Six out of 10 parents exhibit the immature behavior patterns, according to the report. And only 38 percent of parents admitted to teaching their children critical life skills and morality.

There are other factors as well.

Dr. John Buckley, superintendent of Lucerne Valley Unified School District, said he has seen first hand the behavior issues caused by students who don't read well, if at all.

He said that 99.99 percent of the children were illiterate in a Utah youth detention facility he oversaw.

Because of this they had low self-esteem. They were teased so much ... those kids get very angry. And they tend to come from homes where education is not valued," he said.

He also said kids that are different are easy marks for being teased.

"Kids that are different from other kids, they have disabilities, they're overweight and so on, they can only take so much abuse and they break," Buckley said. "That's not about the home so much as kids are just unmerciful."

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it was surprising to read the survey results given by the school authorities.May be the authorities should also come with some suggestions for effective parenting for each special cases.when a set of remedy is given probably parents may identify as to where they go wrong.